VAALA’s Viet Film Fest – Sponsored by The Doan Foundation

So proud to be a sponsor to Viet Film Fest 2022!! We were able to enjoy the night with our Chair, Dr. Thao Ha as she welcomed us to the beautiful theater and introduced us to all of VAALA‘s board members and great volunteers. We were blown away from the beauty of the films that we were able to watch. It is so amazing to see what an impact an organization that has been around for so long can make in today’s world. We are looking forward to the next one!
Viet Film Fest is the largest international Vietnamese film festival in the world, showcasing the best creative work by and about the Vietnamese people. They have had their films, which have won multiple awards, shown in a wide variety of venues across the globe. In 2003, the Vietnamese American Arts & Letters Association (VAALA) established Viet Film Fest as a way to honor the many films that feature Vietnamese characters and settings. The festival has been going strong for over a decade, thanks in large part to the thousands of people from all over the world who come to see the breathtaking showcase of shorts and features that filmmakers from all over the world.

The Viet Film Fest is a celebration of Vietnamese cinema that uses the global language of film to bring people together and encourage new viewpoints and ideas. The Viet Film Fest fosters cross-cultural communication between artists and the general audience. The festival serves as a focal point for the Vietnamese film industry, bringing together notable filmmakers, media professionals, and producers.

The Viet Film Festival is not only a great place to watch films, but also a great place to learn about the culture and history of Vietnam and the Vietnamese people today. They are using art to drive social change.

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