Sabaidee Fest 2023

As minorities, we often hear about the “American Dream”. It’s the reason why our parents and grandparents left their homes and made the sacrifice of traveling to this country; in hopes of establishing a better, fruitful life with the freedom to obtain those dreams if they wished to pursue them.
Although there have been a fair share of obstacles for many generations, with some still existing to this day- minorities have finally been able to start break free of our social restraints. Together, united through culture and the need to preserve that very culture- we’ve been able to show this land full of immigrants that our very existence is much more beautiful when we are blessed with the bridge of understanding through our customs, foods, and arts.
@sabaideefest was the first of it’s kind. Guests, artists, and vendors came from all over the United States to support this 2 day event. It was the first and largest Lao, Thai and Hmong music & food festival ever in the United States. The concept was unheard of and many deemed it impossible. But the roaring of the crowd of thousands proved otherwise.
We had the privilege of hanging out at the booth with our sponsors and @magixstyx and also neighbored the members of the Lao Community Service Center all the way from Seattle, Washington as well as take photo opportunities with @kinnalyseattle @pomfoundationofficial . We were also blessed to meet and discuss our mission with community leaders such as @taiwestminster Tai Do, former Mayoral Candidate and Councilman of the City of Westminster. We also finally got to see one of the talented musical artists for our upcoming Gala, @heartbreaka perform on stage for the first time!

Crowd photo by @sabaideefest, Group photo from @thi2raw

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