The application deadline has been set for March 1, 2023. Recipients to be announced April 1, 2023.


Our micro-scholarships award up to $500 for qualifying students that meet all criteria

Traditional Scholarships

These are the scholarships one typically thinks of when applying for a scholarship. Distinctively, we make this offer available for students looking to attend either college/university, technical/vocational schools and other specialty courses that may/may not be accelerated. This award ranges anywhere between $500-$4000.

Current Scholarships Available

ASK 4 MARY Scholarship by The Doan Foundation

Real estate industry leader Mary Ann Chanthala has long been a passionate supporter for developing future leaders. A student who demonstrates exceptional dedication to the arts is eligible for an award of $1000.

DIGICOM NETWORKS Scholarship by The Doan Foundation

Digicom Networks, a market-leading company in the field of telecommunications and network environments, has demonstrated an interest in the enterpreneurial spirit of the next generation and has, for a very long time, been an advocate for aiding in the fulfillment of dreams. A $500 award is available through this scholarship.

The Doan Foundation For The Arts Scholarship

We are currently offering 8 scholarships that award $500 each.